Automatic Screw Chain Nail Gun Adapter

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Let's face it:

Some DIY tasks can feel like a chore. Applying multiple screws in a row is definitely up there with the most tiresome tasks! Your patience wears thin, your wrist aches, and you're constantly dropping screws or the object you're working on.

Sound familiar? Then Drill Pro is the answer to your DIY woes. It uniquely eliminates all that boring, time-consuming twisting action and leaves no room for error as manual screwing does. Easy to install and refill, it's the convenient, cost-saving, innovative upgrade your drill needs!

The Benefits

  • Compatible with 99% of Drills: no need to purchase specialist equipment or a new drill (41-48MM / 1.61-1.89" Clamping range)
  • Easy to Attach: turn your drill into a chain screw gun in just a few simple steps
  • Manually Refillable: no need to buy another chain when you've used all 50 screws
  • Adjustable Screw Length and Depth: suitable for any scenario where screws are required
  • No Material is a Match for Drill Pro: screws into wood, iron sheet, walls, and more
  • Durable Materials and Construction: sturdy stainless steel to blitz through screwing tasks
  • Complete Kit: 1 x 6" (150mm) screwdriver bit, 1 x chain with 50 screws, 1 chain screw gun adapter


- Can be used for nail gypsum board, partition wall, board, ceiling.
- The automatic screw delivery system can deliver screws quickly and accurately.
- Chain with 50 screws design is easy to assemble and operate.
- With exquisite workmanship, more stable and reliable.
- Easy to get new chain when you run out of your screws.
- With screw length and depth indication, you can adjust the screw conveniently.
- It is suitable for use with an electric drill.

The electric drill is not included.
The drill switch must be started before the chain adapter can be used.
If it can not be used smoothly, please check whether the switch is reversed.

Chain size: about 54cm x 1.6cm
Screw length: about 2.2cm


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