Double lamp color change induction towel,

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Item Features
Materail: 100% Combed Cotton
Size: 70cm*30cm/27.56"*11.81"
Pacakge Size: 13cm*9cm*3cm
Item Weight: 108g
Water absorption Rate: about 1 sec
【Attention Please】
Only on the remind line area will check out the contamination pollution, and
theres a detective line only on one side.
Once the towel get uncleanness such as grease, sweat, or bacterial
metabolites, the remind line will turn into red.
Since this is a 100% cotton fabric, consequently there would be natural shrink
after washing up.
Since this item is measured by manual, please kindly noted there does exist a
micro possibility to be 1-2 cm discrepancy.
【Item Description】
ECOLOGICAL SENSOR ON POLLUTION as an intellectual concept, we
combined natural extraction with cutting-edged compound technology, on which
you can see that there\'s a reminder line on every single towel to alarm you that
it\'s time to get washed up.
grease, sweat or bacterial metabolites, only if you got some uncleanness on
this item, the reminder line of unique will reveal all of it asap.
100% COTTON FABRIC which comes from pure plant extraction with an
incredible speed on water absorption, every single piece sucks in water
molecule for about 1 sec.
FLEXIBLE QUALITY serves you an excellent tactile feeling.
A CONSOLICATION FABRIC since long-staple cotton with 6mm terry height
design, this towel is born with such a high density actually no worry to get any of
the fabric lost after every wash time.
NON FLUORESCENT AGENT to check the low profile colored, you can make
sense that it\'s a definitely creature from nature, and put on colorants from
nature as well.
NON CARCINOGENIC FRAGRANCE only with the natual flora which comforts
your olfactory gently.
Packing List:
1X smart towel